Giving Back to Local Communities

June 16, 2020
Community is one of our core values at Xradar, and recently, both Xradar and our sister company Geoscan were contacted by a long-term and valued client of ours in Ventana Construction to see if we could donate our services on one of their community projects to aid in the rennovation of a key local community facility for children.
The Project

The project in question was Hillside Boys and Girls Club which is run by the Boys and Girls Club of South Coast BC. What started as a small face-lift for the building quickly became a full-blown renovation which involved adding a universal washroom with full accessibility and upgrading the existing washrooms into a more modern fit-for-purpose unisex washroom, that through its design allows the workers at the Boys and Girls Club increased ability to monitor activity in the washroom and main activity room. The existing small kitchen also got moved around, receiving a small facelift to provide more room for the kids to make full use of the space for their baking activities

Dave from Ventana with our utility locating technician Eunan
Putting Health and Safety First

Ventana's policy for safety is to always scan concrete before it is cored or cut as well as locate sub-slab utilities before any excavation works can take place. This highlights their committment to provide a safe working environment for everyone who works on their sites as well as minimise any unnecessary potential damage to existing infrastructure.

Xradar and Geoscan

To allow all of the above to happen, there would be a lot of work required in terms of slab and wall cutting, trenching and the installation of new utility lines, etc. By providing concrete scanning, our Xradar technician was able to mark out all embedded targets within the slabs and walls, allowing the safe cutting & removal of the concrete.

Concrete Scanning to mark out the location of any embedded objects

The Geoscan technician was able to locate sub-slab utilities to allow Ventana anticipate any conflicts. They could then dig safely and confidently to tie into any existing lines, etc.

Water (Blue) & Sanitary lines (Green) have been identified, as well as conduit (Red)

The donation of this work allowed Ventana to take what would have come out of the budget for this work and reinvest that into the project itself to directly upgrade the facilities - helping to provide upgrades they may not have had the budget for.

Other Contributions

Other contributors to the project include Best Buy who have played their part in donating computers as well as sound and video equipment, enabling the kids to get some hands-on experience around technology they may not otherwise have access to.

Thank you

On behalf of Xradar and GeoScan, we would like to extend our thanks to all at Ventana. In particular Dave, who was on hand all day to guide and instruct the team on just what he required. Best wishes to all at the Hillside Club, we are sure this new rennovation will be put to great use and have a lasting impact in the local community.

Mike, Shaun & Eunan after a long but successful day