Concrete Scanning Accuracy With
Xradar Asia is Rest Assured!

Our Xradar™ system has been developed specifically for scanning concrete, with the accuracy of x-ray and the safety and efficiency of GPR.
Joint Venture Between Sonicon Construction and GeoRadar Group - Xradar Asia prides itself on being dynamic and innovative.

We have a diverse, youthful culture where career development is both supported and encouraged. Continually striving for excellence and pushing for higher standards, Xradar Asia is client-focused yet employee-driven.

We see ourselves as a professional community - a family who likes to have fun - a unique group of individuals unified by the common goal of being the best in our industry.

Our unique form of ground penetrating radar can be used for construction, engineering, archaeological applications, and more. Our technicians collect and verify information on site, allowing you to make informed, timely and cost effective decisions, whilst ensuring safety.

Our technicians enroll in an extensive, industry-leading in-house training program to give you 99% accuracy. This is to promote the confidence level among owners, consultants and contractors to scan before making the next move. Why scan in the first place if the result is 50-50?

Why Xradar?

Our Values


We aim to be at the forefront of technological development within our industry and to acquire or develop new equipment, software & technology to further advance our services.


We strive to be the best in all we do, constantly improving our procedures, services and maintain a high level of customer service. By prioritizing what our clients need over what they want, we strive to build long term success and client relationships.


Our staff are our strength, and we are committed to nurturing relationships with the right people, starting by investing in training from day one. We aim to create a fun, social work culture and bond as a team in and out of the workplace.


We have to be genuine and sincere, without pretense, with our people and our clients in order to succeed. We take responsibility for our actions to forge long term relationships built on trust. We do the right thing in the best interest of the project or the client.

Our Mission Statement

“Standards that aren’t standard anywhere else”

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