Uncovering the Unknown: Concrete Scanning Reveals Rebar Details for Structural Analysis in AmFirst Tower

We recently undertook a project with the objective to provide rebar details for structural analysis of a 20 years old building without any as-built drawings.

We started off with scanning multiple beam and slab from the soffit due to poor visibility from the top slab. The concrete scanning helped us to investigate the rebar details including cover, diameter, spacing and quantity of the rebars. The concrete scanning was also helpful to look at the rebar arrangement within the slab and beam. During the course of the investigation, we successfully discovered the details of the rebars. We also managed to figure out that the slab was a post-tensioned slab which was previously unknown to the client.

We prepared a report from the acquired data for the client's structural analysis. The rebar details of each and every element were highlighted, marking the diameters and locations for every member. This information proved to be crucial in evaluating the structure and made further analysis more precise.

Throughout the entire process, we worked hand-in-hand with the client to understand the details they required. The level of collaboration was exceptionally high, which made our work much easier. We have received positive feedback from the client, who is satisfied with our level of expertise and quality of output.