Uncovering the Truth: Concrete Scanning at TRX Unveils Unexpected Slab Thickness

The objective of this construction project was to scan a coring point that is 600 mm thick within a lift motor room at the TRX site. To complete the task, we employed transpointers and two-stage scanning from the top slab and soffit.

Upon scanning from the top slab, our transpointers indicated the thickness of the slab to be 1100 mm instead of 600 mm as originally briefed.Despite this difference, we persevered and proceeded with the two-stage scanning process. This consisted of scanning from the top slab as well as the soffit to properly map out the coring point.

As a result of our efforts, we successfully managed to accurately identify the coring point within the thick slab, enabling us to properly draw the piping schematic and generate reports with proper diagrams. Furthermore, this process also enabled us to identify any obstructions or hidden structures present within the slab and draw it onto our plans.

In summary, this project demonstrates the capability and technical competence of our team to carry out difficult and technically demanding tasks. It further cements our reputation of excellence and efficiency in the construction sector.