Project: Preliminary Investigation of Suspended Concrete Slab

Xradar™ were recently hired by a Vancouver company to perform a preliminary investigation of a suspended concrete slab using Xradar™ Enhanced Concrete Scanning.


A newly occupied office space in Vancouver, BC was looking to install a new elevator and stairs and needed to determine the feasibility of cutting a 14x16 ft section of suspended slab. All in-slab targets were to be identified with accurate measurements provided.

The designated area was within the office floor and any scanning needed to be non-destructive, along with the markings, as the surface was made up of carpet tiles.

concrete inspection


An Xradar™ technician performed a preliminary investigation on the suspended slab using Xradar™ Enhanced Concrete Scanning. In-slab targets were drawn on ram board taped to the slab so as not to damage the carpet.

A CAD drawing was also produced outlining a detailed view of all in-slab targets, with all data sent to the architect for planning.

In addition to the concrete investigation, our technician performed a 3D laser scan of the area, producing a virtual walkthrough of the site in order to better interpret the CAD data and reference the designated area.

This project was quickly completed for the client so they could seamlessly move through the planning stage and feasibility study with the engineer and architect.

scan concrete

For more information on preliminary investigations, feasibility studies, and Xradar™ Concrete Scanning, get in touch with one of our technicians.