Efficient Rebar Planting in Shah Alam, All Thanks to Precise Concrete Scanning

The project had the objective to plant multiple rebars in some pile caps as well as in some Light Rail Transit (LRT) piers without cutting into the concrete, in order to avoid the dense and thick rebars within the concrete. To complete this, we used our Xradar concrete scanning technology to map out the structure and scan for all embedded rebars. Once we were aware of the locations of the existing rebars, we used this information to create a map of what areas the client should avoid during their drilling.

The project resulted in a great success. Thanks to our careful planning of the drilling locations, the client was able to avoid all the existing rebars within the concrete and managed to plant their rebars without any complications. In order to minimize the potential for mistakes, we double-checked the accuracy of the scans and thoroughly planned the rebar planting with the client, before carrying out the drilling.

The successful planting of the rebars met the clients' requirements, while simultaneously providing safe, secure and durable structures. Our detailed planning, experienced technical support and careful monitoring of the rebar planting resulted in an effective and successful outcome, enabling the client to achieve their goals. Overall, the project was a great success and a testament to our knowledge and expertise.