Project: Xradar™ Correct Failed Concrete X-Ray Scan

Xradar were recently hired by a Vancouver construction company following a failed X-Ray concrete scan by an independent contractor.


A Vancouver based construction company required the scanning of multiple on-site locations to determine the location of rebar in concrete, for the purpose of core drilling.

Each location needed to be accurately mapped in order to safely core, while avoiding hidden obstructions in the concrete. This included rebar, conduits, and Post-Tension cables.

Initially the company engaged the services of an independent contractor offering concrete X-Ray services. While this method does produce an accurate representation of the subsurface, it is not without its limitations.

The technician incorrectly mapped the designated area, which lead to a conduit being damaged when the hole was cored. This was a costly and time-consuming error that could have been avoided.


Following the error, Xradar were called to complete the job and scan the remaining locations. Our technician utilized Xradar Enhanced Concrete Scanning to accurately map the areas, highlighting obstructions.

A report was provided showing which areas were safe for coring, which allowed the engineer to remotely approve the work without the need to go on site. Each hole was then safely cored and no more damage was incurred.

Xradar reduces scanning errors to less than 1%, compared to the 25% typical for the scanning industry. Compared to concrete X-Ray, this technology is not limited to a set area and is faster and more accurate, allowing for the real time mapping of subsurface objects. Unlike X-Ray, our technicians can also determine the location and depth of each object, providing greater accuracy for the client.

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