Concrete Scanning for Seamless Piping Installation in Grocery Store, Megah Rise

For this grocery store project, the objective was to core over 60 holes in the floor and ceiling for piping, while avoiding all post-tension cables, electrical conduits, and embedded pipes.

Our team quickly identified the challenge and stepped in to solve the problem. First, we scanned the areas in need of coring, accurately marking all post tensions, conduits, and embedded pipes both in the slab and from the soffit.Through our precise inspection of the area, we were able to help the client determine where the most safe and viable places were to core, ensuring that the holes would not run into any unexpected problems during or after installation.

As a result, our client was able to finish the project ahead of their initial time frame. Thanks to the dedication of our team, and the client’s desire for quality work, the piping was completed in an efficient and timely manner, with zero negative outcomes. This project shows the amount of skill, precision, and experience our team is capable of. We take pride in completing a job well done and in meeting the needs of our clients.