Concrete Scanning at Toronto Airport

Xradar were hired as part of the ongoing upgrades at Toronto Pearson's Terminal 1.


As part of the airport upgrades a number of columns are to be extended from the sub-service level to the ground floor. An area approximately 6’ x 6’ central to the columns on the sub-service level are to be opened up and shored. Openings on the service level and ground floor are to be made in order for the columns to extend through.

With any concrete cutting there is always a risk that utilities or electrical conduits will be hit having adverse consequences and incurring additional costs.

An Xradar technician scanning the area


Xradar were hired to perform concrete scans of the area to ensure that all cutting, coring and drilling could be done with confidence. In a sensitive environment such as an airport it is imperative to carry out all health and safety and due diligence where possible.

Our Xradar technician was able to scan each proposed cutting area, ensuring that no electrical conduits were struck and operations could continue without any disruptions.