Project: Concrete Scanning for Toronto High Rise


During the construction of a downtown Toronto High Rise, engineers needed to plan for the installation of an escalator. Large portions of the structure required removal, and as such over 4000 square feet of area required concrete imaging. In situations like this there are safety and logistical concerns when it comes to the presence of electrical conduits, along with structural steel.

Everything must be mapped in order to prevent any disruption to the project and safety concerns during demolition. Should any damage be sustained during structure removal or installation, this can lead to time consuming and costly delays, therefore it is incredibly important to scan with Xradar before you cut.

3d model of concrete inspection
3D Model Report provided to the client so they can navigate the site remotely.


Xradar were engaged to carry out Concrete Scanning services over 4000 square feet of concrete using our Enhanced Xradar System. Structural steel within the floors and walls were mapped as well as all electrical conduits travelling through the concrete slabs. The electrical conduits included fire alarms, smoke detectors, electrical feeds, data cables and lighting.

The results were then mapped using our specialist 3D camera, allowing our client's engineers to explore the location and make accurate, informed decisions when making their calculations for removing large portions of the structure. The mapping of the electrical conduits enabled electricians to re-route the conduits, preventing any disruption and safety concerns during the process.

Screenshot taking from 3D model, showing scan area including conduits and rebar.
With large projects we always provide detailed engineering reports, allowing decisions to be made remotely.

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