Air Selangor Finds a Second Life for Abandoned Water Tanks With the Help of Concrete Scanning

Air Selangor wanted to repurpose two abandoned water tanks and needed to ensure that they were structurally sound and in working condition. Without any as-built drawings of the water tanks, our team conducted Xradar concrete scanning to investigate the rebar details and arrangements of the structural elements such as beams, columns, slabs, and walls. We extracted core samples to determine the grade of concrete used in the walls.

The results showed that the walls of the water tanks had thickness of between 300 mm – 400 mm and we were able to core safely without damaging any reinforcement(both layers), extracting samples 200 mm deep. Our team also managed to extract the rebar details which helped us accurately ascertain the strength of the structures.

After a thorough assessment of the structures, we provided Air Selangor with a full report which covered the integrity of the structures and safety assurance to reuse them. Air Selangor then used this information to help guide their plans to repurpose the tanks.

The ability to assess and certify structural integrity of an abandoned water tank with no drawings of the structure demonstrates the excellence of our engineering team and our use of state of the art Xradar concrete scanning technology. We are proud to have helped Air Selangor make use of these two neglected water tanks to benefit the people of Selangor.