Xradar is Expanding to Our Nation's Capital - Ottawa

April 29, 2021
Xradar™ is proud to announce that it will be expanding the Ontario presence with a new division opening this summer in Ottawa. With the launch of this new (on the ground) Ottawa division, Xradar continues the focus for a national rollout of our Xradar scanning - to service all Canadian customers!

Ottawa is Canada's capital city, and the fourth largest urban region in Canada with a population of 1.4 million. It is regularly ranked as the best place to live in Canada, and people are increasingly becoming aware of its beauty and diversity. It has caught the eye of Xradar as a location with huge potential to grow the business.

Existing senior Xradar team members will be located in Ottawa to provide the same Enhanced Concrete Imaging services that are available from other Xradar offices across Canada.

The immediate area being serviced from this Ottawa division will be the Greater Ottawa-Gatineau region. This new Ottawa office now provides Xradar the ability to service all customers within Ontario in a timely manner, including satellite locations between Toronto and Ottawa.

A reminder - what is Xradar?

Xradar is the Engineering Standard for Concrete Imaging! Our Xradar method for concrete imaging reduces scanning errors to less than 1% compared to the 25% typical for the wider GPR industry.

Xradar can distinguish conduits and PT cables from rebar, including those hidden behind rebar. It produces consistent results on either structural concrete surfaces or concrete slab on grade.

The ability to develop such a product stems from extensive industry experience (30+ years), alongside comprehensive training, state of the art equipment, and desire to always achieve perfection.

The quality is nicely summarised by the accuracy of Xradar reporting. If you'd like to know more about the reports available to you, please read this article.

Xradar guarantee concrete scanning accuracy

At Xradar, we're so confident in our technicians ability to scan with accuracy, that we guarantee you will not hit an unforeseen target whilst following our guidance. Technicians that join Xradar enrol in the Xradar University™. The Xradar University™ is a comprehensive and challenging training programme that all technicians are required to complete before they can lead scanning projects.

If you'd like to know more about our guarantee, please read this blog article.

Xradar now has over 80 employees across Canada with eight offices

We provide the skills and expertise of a large national company to a diverse range of customers across construction, civil engineering and structural engagements.

For service requests or questions in the Greater Ottawa area and beyond, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (613) 325-5260 or email ontario@xradar.ca. Alternatively, please fill in our online form here.