Why Use Xradar™ For Concrete Core Drilling, In Addition To Scanning?

December 4, 2020
It’s clear that the construction industry in Vancouver is booming and showing no signs of slowing down.

With concrete core drilling being an integral part in both new builds and renovations, the demand for skilled labour in this sector is at an all-time high.

Here at Xradar, we have the tools, the experience and the skills to core drill in any situation or environment!

As many construction industry leaders across British Columbia & Ontario can attest, we have established a reputation second to none when it comes to both coring and concrete imaging. Utilising ground penetrating radar technology, or GPR for short, we’ve been providing clients an unparalleled service over the past ten years! Within that time we’ve made our way to the top of the scanning and coring market.

The Xradar Coring Team working on an Xradar scan

To enable successful concrete coring, our concrete scanning service determines a safe route through a concrete structure in which a hole is needed. These structures, be it a wall, beam, column or slab often contain complex configurations of electrical conduits, water lines, post-tension cables, and steel reinforcement – all targets that are in the client’s best interest to avoid. With this in mind, performing an accurate concrete scan is crucial but only half of the job, with the final task being the execution of the coring. With a scanning accuracy of 99.7%, you can be sure that our experienced team of skilled technicians will finish the job to the highest standard! Here’s an example of some of our FAQ’s regarding concrete scanning.

The Xradar Scanning Team use industry leading technology to clearly mark out safest coring locations

The concrete drilling technique that we specialise in is Diamond core drilling. This technique is used when a precise circular penetration is needed. There are a wide variety of applications in which Diamond core drilling is the ideal route to take, as cores can be produced with diameters anywhere between 1″ to 25″. Some examples of applications might be the installation of both domestic and commercial mechanical and electrical systems, seismic upgrades, and the production of core samples for analysis. Diamond core drilling can also be adapted to create openings of larger areas through the process of stitch coring, thus creating further applications such as ventilation ducts, windows and any other large openings.

Xradar's diamond coring machine

The health and safety of both our technicians and their surrounding people is our top priority.

Our technique has many benefits from a safety perspective. As concrete coring can and regularly takes place in confined spaces, there is potential for health complications. Many power tools can often emit hazardous particles into the air due to friction and toxic fumes from the source of power that if inhaled, can result in serious respiratory problems. They can also cause hearing damage if appropriate hearing protection is not used.

To combat these issues, the concrete drilling technique we use has many advantages over conventional power tools. One being that the equipment we use is powered electrically, resulting in a relatively low noise output and can be operated from the convenience of a household mains circuit, eliminating the potential for the emission of toxic fumes.

It is also dust free! For the equipment to function effectively, a constant flow of water is fed at the point of contact between the drill bit and the concrete surface. This creates a mixture of concrete dust and water known as ‘slurry’ which in turn prevents the dust particles from entering the surrounding air.  

The clean finish of our work is one of our highest priorities

We pride ourselves on our conscientious attitude toward our client’s needs, upholding the highest standard of housekeeping. As part of our service we dispose of any concrete and slurry, putting in our best efforts to leave the site as we found it. When you want your project to run smoothly, the last thing you need is to be cleaning up after somebody.

“XRadar have been reliable, accurate, and clean. They are professional and cost affective.” (EllisDon)
“I would say the willingness to work in obscure or difficult locations makes them stand out from the pack. We have been utilizing the team at Xradar for work in multiple skytrain stations across the lower mainland of British Columbia which in itself is a challenge.” (Western Pacific Enterprises Ltd)
“The ability (of Xradar) to reference drawings, photos, and site documents and accurately mark out utilities in a variety of fashions is amazing. From simple site mark ups to complex 3D imaging.” (EllisDon)

In summary, Xradar have the ability to diamond core drill, and stitch multiple holes of up to 25” in diameter to almost any depth. The electric systems are dust free, have a relativity low noise output, and can be used in sensitive, confined and physically awkward locations.

Combining this service with Xradar Scanning will provide you with a fast, clean and low-risk step in your project's completion.

If you have a need for any core drilling or scanning on your project, contact our team by filling in our form here.