The client observed visual depressions on a roof slab over a commercial unit.

Due to heavy rain over the winter these depressions acted as pools, concentrating the excess weight of the rainwater in these zones, thus exacerbating the situation to the point that leaks began.

Upon visual inspection the depressions appeared to correspond to the regions of the slab between of the supporting columns. The client planned to correct these depressions by constructing a secondary slab on top of the already existing slab.

However, due to the age of the unit, accurate structural drawings did not exist and so the engineers could not calculate the load bearing capacity of the existing slab.

As a result, the plans were halted.


Xradar was contracted to perform an Xradar Structural Investigation of the roof slab and its supporting beams in order to create accurate structural drawings.

The structural investigation encompassed several pre-determined regions of the slab and multiple sections of supporting beams.

Xradar utilized its state-of-the-art equipment & highly trained technicians to calculate and record the count, spacing, diameter and cover of the structural reinforcement within each zone.

The results of this survey were digitized into a structural drawing and were delivered to the client as DWG and PDF files for ease of use.

With the new structural drawings, the engineer was able to calculate the load capacity of the existing structure and the plans for the remediation of the roof could continue.

Xradar Structural Investigation Drawing