Scanning a corroded culvert to enable reinforcement

A construction company was tasked with reinforcing a culvert that had been found to be corroding and spalling underneath in a previous survey (not performed by Xradar).

In efforts to reinforce a culvert with corrosion underneath, the top of the culvert had to be surveyed to accurately locate the area of corrosion below. Using Xradar technology and live corrosion mapping, not only was the targeted area of corrosion located but an additional zone was found, allowing for the optimal placement of reinforcement plates.

To do this, a section of a roadway was removed to install steel reinforcement plates over the culvert. With no access underneath to examine the damage at the time of the project, the corroded area had to be located from above to ensure the plates were properly placed for effective results.

With access to the top of the culvert, Xradar technicians collected slab data that was immediately sent to an Xradar professional off-site for live data analysis and corrosion map production. While the map was being created, the on-site personnel re-scanned the top of the culvert slab so any embedded objects could be avoided when anchoring down the steel plates.

The corrosion map that was processed live for the survey was later superimposed onto a photo of the work area. With the processed corrosion map returned within hours, not only was Xradar able to locate the target area of underside corrosion, but another, previously unidentified location of severe slab corrosion was detected. This allowed the construction company and MTO to make an informed decision for their project, opting to position the plates so both areas with severe corrosion were reinforced.

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