The Benefits of Engineering Reports

August 14, 2017
Within the construction and engineering industries, there is a high need for accurate and detailed reporting in order to make the best and safest possible decisions.

Using our specialized Xradar technology we are able to provide detailed GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) and Concrete Ultrasound surveys tailored for each customers’ needs.

These Engineering Reports include Structural Surveys, Subsurface Detection, and Concrete Corrosion Mapping. Utilizing Xradar Enhanced Concrete Scanning we can report at a level of detail for engineering analysis that our competitors cannot.

What are the benefits?

  1. Make informed decisions

Our in-house engineers and geophysicists use the data gathered by our technicians on site to create a custom report, tailored specifically to your needs. The report contains key information about your project, allowing you to make effective, informed decisions.

  1. No need for a site visit

Using our reports there is no need for your engineers to make site visits as all the information is accurately presented within the report, and gathered and analysed by trained experts.

  1. Save time

Without the need for a site visit you save valuable project time and can move quickly and safely through every stage of the process.

  1. Plan effectively

Each report is tailored to your needs and is fully scaled and annotated with AutoCAD drawings of our results. This enables you to plan your project effectively and efficiently.

  1. Expert consultation

Following the production of the report our expert technicians are on hand to discuss any aspect of the report and provide advice and consultation as required.

For more information on how Engineering Reports can assist in the completion of your project, GET IN TOUCH!